Field Care

The better job you do in the field helps you get back a better mount.

Caping a Deer

Cut hide around body behind front legs. Cut up the back side of the legs then over to the body cut. Skin the cape up to the back of the head and remove neck. Keep hide as cool as possible to prevent slippage. Carry to your Taxidermist or wrap in plastic and freeze. Wash blood off of light colored fur.


caping a deer diagram

Small Mammals

Bring to your Taxidermist whole, soon as possible or wrap in plastic and freeze whole. Wash blood off of light colored fur.

Turkeys and Birds

Protect turkey feathers from water and blood. Once the rays on the feathers seperate they won't go back together like they were.

Turkeys can be carried out by their feet being careful not to drag them through the brush. Or brush the feathers back and tuck into your hunting vest keeping feathers strait as possible.Take care of the tail. Turkey can be taken to your taxidermist or placed in a plastic bag and frozen.


Take care to preserve the fins and scales of the fish on the way home. If you can’t carry it to the taxidermist right away, place the fish on a wet bath towel keeping the fins and tail strait. Fold the towel in a way that covers the fish. Wrap in plastic then freeze.